12-Month Money Makeover

The Brand New Coaching Platform Where We Do The Legwork & You Learn The Skills

Emotions rule our head when it comes to money. 

The more money we earn, the more we spend. Would you agree?

Despite the fact that most of us have the basic knowledge and skills we need for effective budgeting and saving, research has found that we simply aren’t doing it.


Have you ever wondered why…

  • …no matter how much you earn, there’s no savings put aside?
  • …you struggle to change your money habits, even though you know you will be better off?
  • …as soon as you pay off the credit card, the balance climbs right back up?

Managing our money is more emotional than it is rational. Unless we’ve been taught the skills, it takes a lot more than knowledge to help us put our plans into action.

That’s why we’ve taken our online training one step further with this brand new coaching program where we do the budget tracking and progress reporting for you.

With quarterly coaching, new knowledge without the jargon and a few small tweaks over the course of 12 months, you will discover how much wriggle room your finances actually have.

Create your future on your terms

Who is 12MMM for?

The 12-Month Money Makeover is for women who:

  • Want to learn effective financial strategies without the boring jargon
  • Want to be able to provide a stable and secure future for their children
  • Are ready to overcome their limiting beliefs to create an empowering money story
  • Have big goals and dreams but need a little help to stay focused, motivated and on track
  • Have usually given their power away and want to be more savvy money managers
  • Want to plan exciting goals that are aligned with their values
  • Are thinking of having a family and fear the stress of living on one income
  • Feel burdened by the expense of living and can’t see a way out
  • Want to invest for the future, but just don’t know how to do it… or can’t seem to
  • Feel like their head is spinning with everything they ‘should’ be doing
  • Have experienced a divorce or separation and want to regain a sense of financial control
  • Simply don’t have the time or desire to sit down and plan a budget
  • Aren’t entirely sure where all their money seems to go
  • Want the skills and confidence to create your future on your terms

Why be part of the 12MMM community?

A recent survey by the Financial Planning Association of Australia found that people’s top two regrets were: not saving enough and making poor financial decisions.

We’re here to change that!

  • We explain financial jargon in terms that you can relate to
  • You’ll become more conscious of where your cash flows
  • Develop the confidence to address the things you’ve been avoiding
  • Identify your financial priorities and receive professional insights to work toward them
  • Free yourself from debt
  • Experience a greater sense of financial security
  • Enjoy the self-worth and self-respect that flows with good financial management
  • Learn to simplify your numbers
  • Stay focused and accountable
  • Make the most of your money while still having a life
  • Get on the same page as your partner
  • Understand how to budget or simply let us do it for you
  • Know how to become a strong financial role model for your children
  • Be part of an inspirational community of women and celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small.

And SO much more!

Meet the Woman Behind Women With Cents

Natasha Janssens is a proud mum, qualified accountant, financial planner, mortgage broker and financial storyteller gifted at sharing her expertise in a way anyone can understand. She was recognised as the Institute of Public Accountants 2017 ACT Member of the Year, a finalist in the 2017 Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia ACT & NSW award categories of Young Professional of the Year; Industry Newcomer of the Year; Customer Service; and SOLD Community Champion of the Year. She has also been featured on Today Tonight and writes for Mamamia.

Based in Canberra, Natasha is also the founder and director of Sova Financial, a role she balances with family life. When it comes to juggling a business, a child and the transition to a single income household, she knows exactly how challenging it can be. After witnessing other women facing similar struggles, she discovered her calling: to shift the way women think about money forever.

Natasha created Women With Cents and has grown it into an award-winning community of women who are actively changing their financial future. As well as being featured on Feedspot’s Top 40 Women’s Finance Websites Worldwide, Women With Cents won the Women In Finance Awards: Women’s Community Program of the Year for 2017. She has also been featured on Today Tonight and writes for Mamamia.



Why Natasha created 12MMM

As the carers and nurturers of the world, we generally tend to put ourselves last. Despite the fact that women are catching up with more of us graduating and earning better wages, it remains true that:

  • We still do most of the unpaid work
  • We take time out to have families and raise our children
  • We have less super
  • We don’t get paid as much as our male counterparts
  • Old money stories exist where women leave the finances up to their husbands
  • Even the impact of divorce can be more devastating on us: women experience a 70% decline in quality of life because we are suddenly faced with being financially responsible for a child without the income or skills to deal with it

And, on top of all that, we simply don’t have the time to do it all! That’s where 12MMM comes in.

We do the budgeting, tracking and reporting for you (the boring stuff!), teach you real strategies you can begin to implement immediately, help you set achievable goals and guide you along the way during four quarterly coaching calls.

Think of it as your financial-fitness instructor. Just as you might engage a personal trainer to improve your physical fitness, this is a program to improve your financial fitness.

What’s included in 12MMM

As part of your 12-month membership you will receive:

  • Professional budgeting done for you
  • Personalised benchmarks and tracking through our budget software tool
  • Finance Health Check
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Weekly emails for guidance and inspiration
  • Four coaching sessions with Tash via video chat in an intimate group setting
  • Foundational trainings with videos and action steps to put the power in your hands
  • Q&A and email support
  • Complimentary membership to the Making Cents of Money club
  • Complimentary access to our signature Making Cents of Money program with guest expert Margie Warrell
  • Complimentary access to our Cents & Sensibility money mindset program with guest expert Margie Warrell
  • A safe community to network with other women and ask questions without being judged
  • 12-month subscription to Women with Cents Budgeting App
  • 12-month subscription to ChantWest Super AppleCheck Research Tool
  • 12-month subscription to Women with Cents Estate Planning Discovery Tool

Know exactly where you’re going and how to get there with guidance from industry leading experts.

And ALL for just

$260.00 per month

$3120.00 Total

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Hear what just some of our members have to say…


Your 12MMM Bonuses

Cents and Sensibility (value $47)

Completely self-paced, this two-week mini program will guide you step-by-step to shift your money habits and become strong, capable and in control of your family’s finances. Learn the three causes of overspending, the one thing getting in the way of you building wealth, how to make time for your finances without adding to your to-do list, the secret to following through on your money goals, plus more!

Making Cents of Money (value $397)

Over 12 modules, you’ll begin by exploring your values to help make lasting change and then uncover the beliefs and emotions that have been influencing your finances. With Margie Warrell’s expert insights, you’ll be guided through ways to overcome whatever has been holding you back. We then move into setting real and meaningful goals. You’ll learn how to be the confident creator of the future you want with everything from budgeting, demolishing debt, money management and investing through to insurance, estate planning and superannuation.

Core Foundational Training (value $197)

Mortgage Basics, Investment Basics, Superannuation, Estate Planning, Life Insurance.

You get immediate access to all five for FREE as soon as you sign up – so you can get started right away!

Training 1

Mortgage Basics

Training 2

Investment Basics

Training 3


Training 4

Estate Planning

Training 5

Life Insurance

Click the tabs below to find out more about the core videos.


Women With Cents Financial Health Check (value $99)

12-months access to our Financial Health Check tool. Get an individually tailored report to help you really get on top of your finances and prioritise your goals for the short term with a monthly one-page snapshot.

Chant West Super AppleCheck Research Tool (value $199)

12 months access to a leading online comparison tool which is simple to use and allows you to compare superannuation funds. Created by independent specialist superannuation research consultant, Chant West.

Women With Cents Estate Planning Discovery Tool (value $99)

12 months access to our market-leading Estate Planning Discovery Tool to help you review your estate planning needs and identify any gaps.

Access To The Women With Cents VIP Community (value PRICELESS!!)

The best way to stick to your goals and change your habits is to surround yourself with like-minded people. Our VIP Facebook group connects you with other women on the same journey who are ready to take control of their finances. Our members tell us it’s invaluable to be able to share stories and ask questions. Come join us!

It’s not about the cards you are dealt, it’s how you play the handRANDY PAUSCH

It’s your future, so make it happen on your terms

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$3120.00 Total

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