3 Secrets to avoid arguing about money

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Last week I wrote about our relationship with money (in particular, our credit cards!), which made me think that while on the subject it would be worthwhile to explore the impact money has on our relationships. I did some digging, and came across some interesting (and concerning) stats from Relationships Australia: Woah! So on that note, this week I reached … Read More

Breaking up is hard to do

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So the other day I was chatting to a fellow Women with Cents member, when she mentioned my blog and said “I was really enjoying it up until the point you said to cut up my credit card. There’s no way I could do that!” I’m not surprised by her response, in fact it’s actually a very common reaction to … Read More

Would you do THIS if you had a spare $40k?

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This week I had another great “Ask Tash” question from our Women with Cents community: “What is the best thing I can do with $40k? It’s always difficult to make ends meet, but I’m looking to get ahead. What do you suggest is the best way to use it?” Before we can get you started on the exciting path of … Read More

Is Super a big waste of time?

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This week I wanted to share my answer to an “Ask Tash” question that was raised by one of the members of our Women with Cents community:
“My husband thinks that putting our money into super isn’t worth it. What’s your opinion?”

My Four Biggest Money Lessons

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Two months after my 18th birthday I migrated to Australia from my war-torn home country in eastern Europe – without my family. How’s that for jumping straight into grown-up land? On top of that, I came from a country where life (and certainly finances) worked very differently to the way they do here. For example, back then no one I … Read More

So you have a budget… Now what?

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For those of you who have been following, over the past few weeks we have been through a lot! We have dug deep into our finances and our motivations, set some pretty ambitious goals for our money, and a lot of you have been brave enough to share your experiences in our Facebook group. So I wanted to start by … Read More

My top 3 money challenges and how to beat them!

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I always get asked “what’s the best way to manage my money”? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, it really does come down to what works best for you. But I can share with you what works for me and why! I used to have fancy spreadsheets forecasting my cash flow (that’s my inner accountant showing herself!) … Read More