Help I want to retire but still have a mortgate

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“I’ve only got 12 years left of work before retirement, and I still owe $180,000 on my mortgage. I work as a nurse and for health reasons I’ve just had to cut back my hours from 76 to 46 a fortnight. I only have $50,000 in super as I was only working full time for 7 years. I feel my … Read More

Should I use my savings to renovate my home?

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Today’s question comes straight from our community and I’ll be discussing the best way to fund your renovations! “My question is around re-mortgaging for renovations. Besides my mortgage I live debt free. I have a healthy amount of savings that I placed on my mortgage to bring down interest. If my renovation is to cost $50-$70k, am I better off … Read More

Should I buy now or save a larger deposit?

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Ok ladies, this week we tackle the eternal property dilemma: “I’m a single mum to a six year old and I am hoping to have a house deposit together early next year, but I am not sure whether I am better off saving a larger deposit or just getting into the market as soon as I can. What do you … Read More

How do you measure up on THIS scale?

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Now don’t get any ideas, I’m talking about your credit score! If you have ever come across the term ‘Credit Score’ or ‘Credit Report’ and wondered what the heck that is all about then you are not alone! Here are some insights into what it is and how it can affect your application for a loan in the future. A … Read More