CATC 011: Benefits of rentvesting

Women with CentsInvestment, Podcast

There is a common belief that ‘rent money is dead money’, but is this really the case? This week I chat to award winning Melbourne businesswoman Emilia Rossi about her thoughts on renting and why she chooses to rent rather than buy her own home. For more from Emilia check out her award winning lifestyle blog and her online … Read More

010: Ethical Investing

Women with CentsInvestment, Podcast, Superannuation

Is there a more socially conscious way to invest your money and grow your super? This is the topic I explore today with Kirsten Simpson, Corporate Responsibility Manager of VicSuper. For more information about VicSuper’s Ethical Investing options check out:

009: Recognising Abuse

Women with CentsBudgeting, Podcast

This week we are shedding the light on domestic violence and financial abuse and joining me is Kylie Travers, mum and award winning CEO. Kylie openly shares with us her heartbreaking story of escaping domestic violence and fleeing her home with her 2 young daughters, with very little money or possessions. We discuss the common misconceptions about what domestic violence … Read More

008: Love and Money

Women with CentsBudgeting, Podcast

This week we are talking about relationships and money and to help me out, I have brought in the big guns – Ms Emily Chadbourne, founder of That Crazy Thing Called Love. Tune in to hear her great tips on how to get on the same page as your partner and avoid arguing about money, as well as some great … Read More

007: Heartfelt Homes

Women with CentsInsurance, Podcast

This week I am joined by Caroline Meehan, founder of charity Heartfelt Homes. Tune in to hear her family’s incredible journey, from supporting her husband through cancer treatment and learning the gaps in Australia’s healthcare system to starting up a much needed charity to help other families in need.  For more from Caroline or to donate to Heartfelt Homes visit … Read More

006: Talking Property

Women with CentsInvestment, Podcast

This week I am joined by Katie Marshall from Chicks and Mortar to talk all things property including how to know when is the right time to buy or sell. For more from Chicks and Mortar check out

005: Resisting the lure of a sale

Women with CentsBudgeting, Podcast

This week I had a lot of fun chatting with Rebecca Mezzino from Clearspace. Join us as we talk all things organising including: the mental and financial impact of clutter, easy ways to keep your home organised as well as some of Rebecca’s great tips for saving money on food and clothes, how to resist the lure of a sale … Read More

004: Demolishing Debts

Women with CentsDebt, Podcast

This week I chat to Kirsty Lamont of comparison site Mozo about recovering from the post Christmas debt hangover. Tune in to learn about the various options available to knocking down your credit card debt, as well as tips and traps to beware of, navigating interest free deals, car loans and mortgages. For most up to date interest rates and … Read More

003: Money Mindset and Saving Tips

Women with CentsBudgeting, Podcast

In this week’s episode I had a lot of fun chatting to Laura Hampson and Valentina Todoroska from Tune in to hear what the girls had to say about their vastly different approaches to money, Laura’s ability to save half her pay cheque despite living in Sydney, credit cards, mortgages and the importance of goal setting.

002: Against All Odds – Living with terminal cancer

Women with CentsInsurance, Podcast

In this episode, I talk to Lisa Magill, author of the blog Terminally Fabulous, as she shares her incredible journey of fighting terminal cancer, as well as life and money lessons she has learned along the way. You can continue to follow Lisa’s story here: