Do you feel like a hamster on a treadmill, working hard but not really going anywhere?

If you feel frustrated with your finances and want to reign in your spending, or simply refocus and set some fresh goals, then our 2 week mini program is for you!


Cents and Sensibility

Completely self paced, our 2 week mini program will guide you step by step to help you shift your money habits and become strong, capable and in control of your family’s finances.

Be honest…

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything on your todo list?

Are you torn between all the competing priorities – like paying the bills, saving for the future and having a life?

Are you tired of all the online articles telling you to just earn more or spend less?

Would you rather instead have someone explain exactly what to do and how to do it?

Our Cents and Sensibility program is here to help!

So what are you waiting for?
Sign up now and start creating your future on your terms.

What we will cover:

  • The three causes of overspending
  • The secret to following through with your goals
  • The one thing getting in your way of building wealth
  • How to make time for your finances without adding to your to-do list
  • The real reason you have been unable to change your spending habits and what you can do to overcome it
  • How to overcome the pain of saving

Plus you will get:

  • Lifetime access to the Cents & Sensibility program
  • Access to our Women with Cents private Facebook community
  • 2 weeks of daily insight, tips and inspiration
  • BONUS 1: Budget Organiser
  • BONUS 2: Meal & Shopping Planner
  • BONUS 3: Goal Tracker
  • BONUS 4: Spending Log
  • BONUS 5: Shopping Checklist

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About Natasha Janssens

Natasha Janssens wears many hats – proud mum to a three year old son, qualified accountant, financial planner, mortgage broker and all round finance fanatic. After arriving in Australia as an 18-year-old refugee, alone, without any money or knowledge of Australia’s financial system, Natasha took it upon herself to learn everything she could – and fast!

Now based in Canberra, Natasha is the founder of Women with Cents and director of Sova Financial, roles she balances with family life. When it comes to juggling a business, a child and the transition to a single income household, Natasha knows firsthand just how challenging it can be, and after witnessing other women facing similar struggles she discovered her calling: to shift the way women think about money forever.


Introducing Margie Warrell, best selling author and guest contributor

Having the knowledge and tools to take control of your money is one thing, but having the courage to take the plunge is quite another!

That’s why we are thrilled to have Margie, an international authority on courageous action, on board with us. The author of four best selling books (Brave, Stop Playing Safe, Find Your Courage and Make Your Mark) and a certified master coach, Margie has dedicated her life to helping people make braver decisions and lead more purposeful lives.Courage will play a big part in your financial future as you work through the program and beyond.

Perhaps you’ll need the courage to…

  • Cut up your credit cards
  • Change your job
  • Ask for a pay rise
  • Dive into investing

Whatever you choose, understand that fear plays a key role in holding us back in life, so the key is to know how to use that fear to our advantage!

Learn more about Margie’s work and wisdom at