I’m separated, should I be investing?

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Last week I brought you a community question and covered off part 1 of my answer. Here’s a reminder: “Hi Tash, I’m separated and we have just sold our property. Something that I would love advice on is where I should put my money that I receive from the sale. I can’t afford to buy, but want to know what is … Read More

I’m separated, what now?

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“Hi Tash, I’m separated and we have just sold our property. Something that I would love advice on is where I should put my money that I receive from the sale. I can’t afford to buy, but want to know what is best? I do want to purchase a couple of items of furniture, but what percentage should I budget … Read More

A lot of us have them but what do we know about how they work?

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A lot of us have them, but do we know how they work, what they’re for and when they’re useful? I’m talking about offset accounts. Often offered by your bank, or talked about at BBQs, but not always fully understood. So, this week we’ll get every question you ever had about offsets cleared up once and for all! What is … Read More

Could the Simpsons be to blame?

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You would have been hard pressed to miss this week’s news. It’s the hot topic wherever you turn – the US elects Donald Trump for president. And the world is reeling with shock and disbelief. I dare say many of us are still clinging to the hope that Ashton Kutcher will jump out at any moment and declare us all … Read More

Shares or property? Which is better?

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This week we tackle the eternal debate – which is better, property or shares? We all know the great Australian dream is to own your own home. But, is that really the best way to build up your wealth? Or should we be considering alternatives like shares, instead? Well, like many of the other eternal debates – Ford or Holden … Read More

How much is too much?

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This week I tackle another great question from the community: “Hi Tash, I’m wondering – how much is too much to be spending on a hobby?” Let me start by saying that life is there to be enjoyed! I believe we should make room for more fun in our lives, especially because many of us spend what feels like most … Read More

The dreaded C word

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With the countdown to Christmas well under way it is important to prepare for what can quickly add up to being one of the most expensive holidays of the year. So for those of you who celebrate the holiday, here are some easy tips to save some cash – without scrimping on the Christmas cheer! Do you have any tips … Read More

Your survival guide to school holidays

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So the school holidays are already upon us, and it isn’t easy (on you, or your bank account!) to provide endless entertainment for your youngsters. So we’ve come up with a list of activities that are fun and inexpensive, to occupy the little ones over the next couple of weeks. You might even find some fun in here for you! … Read More

Fixed or variable? Pass me the crystal ball….

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You’ve probably heard that we are in an unprecedented market in Australia’s history when it comes to interest rates. Why? Well, rates in the early 90s were at over 15%. Today, the interest rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia is at 1.50% – which is a record low, and there isn’t a lot of room to go down … Read More

Help I want to retire but still have a mortgate

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“I’ve only got 12 years left of work before retirement, and I still owe $180,000 on my mortgage. I work as a nurse and for health reasons I’ve just had to cut back my hours from 76 to 46 a fortnight. I only have $50,000 in super as I was only working full time for 7 years. I feel my … Read More