20 ways to save more cash in 2020

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[cs_content_seo]One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do I stick to my budget?” It can seem that no matter how much you earn or how hard you try life has other plans for your bank account. So if saving money feels like a case of one step forward, five steps back, here are some suggestions to … Read More

Overcoming obstacles in challenging times

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[cs_content_seo]Since the start of COVID-19, the economic recession has been becoming more and more of a reality, and over the coming months, there will be a lot of challenges. For some, this is the most terrifying part of the pandemic: how do I deal with the impending changes and set-backs? I mentioned before that the key to successfully navigating a … Read More

The open secret to mastering your money

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[cs_content_seo]Have you ever wondered why even in a wealthy country like Australia, most people still struggle to achieve financial freedom? Why it seems to be that no matter how much we earn, it still feels almost impossible to save? Why no matter how many times we write out a budget, it often feels like a case of one step forward … Read More

The key to protecting your job during a recession

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[cs_content_seo]As I’m sure we’re all aware, the job market is changing, and changing rapidly. I’ve heard that many women in our community have lost their jobs, and unfortunately that’s not just from COVID. Businesses and the economy are entering their first recession in a long time. It’s hard to know exactly how the job market will turn in the future, … Read More

5 ways to prepare for a financial emergency

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If there is one thing that this year has taught us, it’s that an emergency can strike when you least expect it. Through my own experience as well as through hearing countless stories from others who have been affected by bushfires, cancer, war and numerous other tragedies, one thread is common: no one thought it would happen to them. While … Read More

4 Steps to recession proof your finances

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There has been a lot of recent talk in the media about Australia entering its first recession in almost 30 years. This means that for many, this is the first time they have encountered a recession in their lifetime or at least in their adult years. With that in mind, let’s tackle exactly what a recession is and what you … Read More

3 steps on the road to equality

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Australian women have come a long way in recent history. The right to vote, the right to an education, the right to contraception, and freedom of choice over what we wear, who we marry (or whether we marry at all) and what we do. Women now make up close to half of the Australian workforce, and there is an increasing … Read More

5 ways to put your febfast savings to work

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If you are looking for a great opportunity to raise some money for a good cause, improve your health AND boost your bank balance, all in one swift blow, then look no further than febfast! Febfast is a fundraising initiative by Youth Support & Advocacy Service (YSAS), aimed at supporting disadvantaged young people aged 12-25. To get involved you need … Read More

It’s time to be your own hero

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Traditionally, the start of the new year is a popular time to turn over a new leaf. To set some fresh goals and intentions for the year ahead, regardless of whether or not we plan to follow through with them. As I sit here today choking on a cloud of smoke and listening to news of the widespread devastation that … Read More

4 simple steps to manage your cash and stick to your goals

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For years my husband and I struggled with managing our cash and building up our savings. I used to have fancy spreadsheets forecasting my cash flow (that’s my inner accountant shining through!) and I spent hours calculating what bills were coming in and when, and how much to put aside. Unfortunately, there were three downsides to this approach: And the … Read More