My $150,000 mistake

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The biggest mistake I ever made was not paying enough attention to life insurance while I was young, fit and healthy. I first came across the term ‘life insurance’ when I was in my mid-twenties. I had just landed a corporate role at KPMG, and one of the perks was a life insurance policy and some income protection, paid for … Read More

Help – I need to make an income protection claim

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Hi Tash, I’m a teacher (permanently employed) and have recently been diagnosed with cancer. I’ve been put on sick leave for seven months and have enough paid sick leave to last four months. I’m using my paid sick leave to cover the initial 60 day waiting period before my income protection insurance kicks in, but I’m wondering whether I should … Read More

Should I cancel my private hospital cover?

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  Let me start with a story. Two years ago, my husband’s work colleague was single, in his early 40s, and apart from an ongoing heart condition he was in pretty good health. He went in for scheduled heart surgery as a public patient, and everything went well so he was released from hospital. A few days later though, he … Read More

Is it ok to skip income protection if I have sick leave and other insurance?

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This week we have a great question from the Women with Cents community. Is it wise to have income protection if I already have trauma cover and a lot of sick leave?  Well, let’s start by understanding the difference between trauma cover and income protection. While both are types of life insurance, they do very different things. Trauma insurance, also … Read More

007: Heartfelt Homes

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This week I am joined by Caroline Meehan, founder of charity Heartfelt Homes. Tune in to hear her family’s incredible journey, from supporting her husband through cancer treatment and learning the gaps in Australia’s healthcare system to starting up a much needed charity to help other families in need.  For more from Caroline or to donate to Heartfelt Homes visit … Read More

I’m separated, what now?

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“Hi Tash, I’m separated and we have just sold our property. Something that I would love advice on is where I should put my money that I receive from the sale. I can’t afford to buy, but want to know what is best? I do want to purchase a couple of items of furniture, but what percentage should I budget … Read More

002: Against All Odds – Living with terminal cancer

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In this episode, I talk to Lisa Magill, author of the blog Terminally Fabulous, as she shares her incredible journey of fighting terminal cancer, as well as life and money lessons she has learned along the way. You can continue to follow Lisa’s story here: