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January 1, 2020by Natasha Janssens

Traditionally, the start of the new year is a popular time to turn over a new leaf. To set some fresh goals and intentions for the year ahead, regardless of whether or not we plan to follow through with them.

As I sit here today choking on a cloud of smoke and listening to news of the widespread devastation that has affected so many communities around us, I can’t help but feel that this New Year has come with a huge wake-up call and kick up the bum for Australians.

The message is loud and clear:

Stop being a sitting duck.

Start being grateful for what you have (including the basics we take for granted).

And if you want more (be it for your life, career, or the environment) – then get off the sidelines and start doing something about it.

So my dear reader, with that in mind, if you are ready to start taking serious action and being the hero of your own money story, here are 5 simple steps to get you started:

Step 1: Get clear

Take some time this week to identify what is really important to you. Are you happy with where you are at? Career? Relationship? Lifestyle? Is there anything you would prefer to be doing more of? Less of? Write it down and set some clear targets for the year ahead.

Step 2: Get specific

Put some dollar values to these lifestyle goals. For example, if your dream job means taking a pay cut, how much room do you need to create in your cashflow to be able to afford it? If you want time to do more travel, start your own business, or simply stress less about money – how much money does that require you to set aside? And by when?

Step 3: Get real

Download your last 3 months of bank statements and complete the Women with Cents budget organiser so you can identify exactly where your money is going and where you can afford to cut back. For some added inspiration check out my blog on the Surprisingly Simple Way I saved $18k.

Step 4: Get going

Set up a simple system that works for you so you can manage your cash easily, and stick to your saving goals. After years or trial and error and struggling to save, this is the system that works best for me and may help you too!

Step 5: Get support

And last but not least – reach out and let me know what you need a helping hand with. Women with Cents offers a range of resources, courses and services to help you on your journey. Just say the word and I will point you in the right direction.

Natasha Janssens
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Natasha Janssens is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and founder of Women with Cents. She is an award winning finance expert with a passion for supporting women to transform their relationship with money. If you don't know what you don't know when it comes to money and financial matters, her book Wonder Woman's Guide to Money is for you. If you would like to work with Natasha, take the Money Type Quiz and book a quick get-to-know you call.

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