New or used? Don’t miss this important step in your research!

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This week we tackle another common dilemma, this time on the subject of cars! Hi Tash – I hope you can help! My car is plagued with issues and is a total money drain, not to mention it also has a loan attached to it! I’m currently working on clearing a smaller loan which has an interest free period until … Read More

The cents-ible way to spend your tax return!

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It’s tax time! This time of year many of us are eagerly anticipating our tax refund and already planning how to spend it. Ok, so you can if you want, but before you do, I suggest having a read through some of the more sensible ways to use your tax return. Of course, your spending ability will depend on the … Read More

Should I cancel my private hospital cover?

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  Let me start with a story. Two years ago, my husband’s work colleague was single, in his early 40s, and apart from an ongoing heart condition he was in pretty good health. He went in for scheduled heart surgery as a public patient, and everything went well so he was released from hospital. A few days later though, he … Read More

009: Recognising Abuse

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This week we are shedding the light on domestic violence and financial abuse and joining me is Kylie Travers, mum and award winning CEO. Kylie openly shares with us her heartbreaking story of escaping domestic violence and fleeing her home with her 2 young daughters, with very little money or possessions. We discuss the common misconceptions about what domestic violence … Read More

Help! I’m a self-employed mum and I can’t save!

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This week I’m helping out a fellow self-employed mum! She sent in this question: I’m self-employed and find it absolutely impossible to budget or save. My husband’s salary covers our regular expenditure (such as the mortgage and utilities) so we aren’t saving any of his income and I make okay money, but I get paid so irregularly that setting aside … Read More

008: Love and Money

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This week we are talking about relationships and money and to help me out, I have brought in the big guns – Ms Emily Chadbourne, founder of That Crazy Thing Called Love. Tune in to hear her great tips on how to get on the same page as your partner and avoid arguing about money, as well as some great … Read More

Love and money – like oil and water?

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Hi Tash. My husband is always whinging about my spending. I pay for all groceries and bills, and we have a joint account so he can see this on our bank app. But then I’m having coffee, grabbing a quick lunch on the run or just buying rubbish. I need to stop as its making him angry, but then he … Read More

005: Resisting the lure of a sale

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This week I had a lot of fun chatting with Rebecca Mezzino from Clearspace. Join us as we talk all things organising including: the mental and financial impact of clutter, easy ways to keep your home organised as well as some of Rebecca’s great tips for saving money on food and clothes, how to resist the lure of a sale … Read More

I’m separated, what now?

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“Hi Tash, I’m separated and we have just sold our property. Something that I would love advice on is where I should put my money that I receive from the sale. I can’t afford to buy, but want to know what is best? I do want to purchase a couple of items of furniture, but what percentage should I budget … Read More