4 simple steps to manage your cash and stick to your goals

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For years my husband and I struggled with managing our cash and building up our savings. I used to have fancy spreadsheets forecasting my cash flow (that’s my inner accountant shining through!) and I spent hours calculating what bills were coming in and when, and how much to put aside. Unfortunately, there were three downsides to this approach: And the … Read More

Four tips to help you beat the Christmas blues

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There is no doubt that Christmas is a time of heightened and mixed emotion. There’s of course the ever-present fantasy of having that perfect family day: Taking the kids around town to look at Christmas lights (never mind that they spend most of the car trip complaining about how long it’s taking), singing Christmas carols (also known as doing my … Read More

Ever feel like you should have achieved MORE by now?

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Ever feel like you should be well ahead of where you are now, especially financially? That feeling as though you work so hard and yet you have nothing to show for it? This is a feeling that many of us share. What’s more, often certain milestones can exacerbate that feeling of failure such as milestone birthdays (such as turning 40), … Read More

How do I renegotiate my mortgage?

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Today’s question comes straight from our community and I’ll be discussing what to expect when calling the bank to ask for a better rate on your home loan! “Hi Tash, I have a question about how best to negotiate your mortgage. I am also pregnant so refinancing isn’t possible, but negotiating sounds hard and I don’t know what they’ll ask … Read More

Are you guilty of these budgeting mistakes?

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Budgeting is one of those deceptively simple things to do. If I asked you whether you know how to budget, chances are you would say yes! After all, the math of it is pretty simple – spend less than you earn. And yet, research shows that 85% of people who have a budget, don’t stick to it. Which begs the … Read More

Six steps to overcoming self-doubt

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There is no doubt that as women, we are particularly prone to second guessing ourselves, especially when it comes to money. In fact, research by the Association of Financial Advisers recently found that even women with high levels of financial knowledge, ranked themselves on par with men of low levels of financial knowledge. It is something I see on a … Read More

5 things to look for in a home loan

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The biggest question most people have when it comes to home loans is – What exactly is the best loan? While brokers specialise in helping you find the right loan, it has become difficult to know who to trust, with some groups recently accusing mortgage brokers of not delivering “the best loans” to their customers. So let’s take a look … Read More

Is your job costing you money?

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Do you find yourself earning a good wage but still struggling to get ahead? If so, it is time to consider whether your job is getting in your way. This may sound counter-intuitive, given that most people assume that the more money we make, the more we can afford to save and the more wealth we can accumulate. However, quite … Read More

The secret to maximising your tax return

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As an accountant I am a strong advocate of planning your tax return at the start of the financial year, rather than a last minute dash in the last week of June. Doing so means that you can be a lot more strategic with how you use your money – for example it is a false economy to spend money … Read More

The (surprisingly simple) way I saved $18,000

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As a finance expert I am often writing about the costs of the lazy tax and the savings we stand to make by shopping around. Despite this, I too am guilty of the occasional slip up and still remain surprised as to how much we stand to save by making a few phone calls, and checking whether we are still … Read More