010: Ethical Investing

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Is there a more socially conscious way to invest your money and grow your super? This is the topic I explore today with Kirsten Simpson, Corporate Responsibility Manager of VicSuper. For more information about VicSuper’s Ethical Investing options check out: https://www.vicsuper.com.au/sociallyconscious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q_Ll0XC9mk

Should I pay my current debt or invest in property?

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  With the housing markets booming, property is looking like a very attractive investment. But when you already have a mortgage, is more debt the right answer? Well, as you know I like the idea of diversification. So, for me a bit of both makes sense: paying extra on the mortgage AND investing. But wait, not so fast! Before you … Read More

Help, what do I do with my spare cash?

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Help! I am a single parent working part time earning 30k annually and studying part time. I own my car, I own my home, I have no debt and I have three months of emergency savings in a high interest account. It’s not all sunshine and lollypops though, I do suffer from anxiety and depression. So how should I best … Read More

What NOT to do if you are saving for a wedding or a holiday

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Hi Tash, I’m renting and looking to build up a deposit to eventually buy a property and pay for our wedding and holidays. I’ll have paid off my uni and car loans soon so I’ll have some extra cash to start investing and saving, and I’d like to start thinking about where to invest this money so I don’t just spend it! I’ve … Read More

Six things you should do if you receive an inheritance

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Hi Tash, I’ve received an inheritance of $600k and am very overwhelmed… I just don’t know how to best use it! Our story is: I’m 40 and earn $130k per year and my husband is 35 and stays home with our four kids (12, 10, 9, 7) earning $10k per year. I have $200k in super, he has $30K and … Read More

We were bankrupt… can we get into property?

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Hi Tash, we are one year out of bankruptcy and currently renting. We are in our late 30’s with three young children and have come to the conclusion it may be some time before we can purchase our own home.  We are consistently saving $1K per month. I’ve come up with a plan to purchase a unit (if we can … Read More

To buy or not to buy? That is the question…

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If you’re looking at purchasing your first home (or contemplating a sea change), you should factor in the costs of buying and selling. There are solicitor’s fees, stamp duty and other incidentals that pop up through the buying and selling process, and if you plan to move again in a couple of years then buying might turn out to be … Read More

Property seminars – a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

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A few weeks ago I answered a community question and touched on the importance of caution when it comes to property investment seminars. So this week, I want to delve a little deeper and give you a few things to consider before you sign on that dotted line… First, picture this. You receive a letter in the post, or an email in … Read More

Should we take on more debt now to be better off later? 

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This week I’m answering a community question from a fellow Women with Cents looking to take on some additional debt… My partner and I both have one investment property each which we are paying principal and interest on, and have separate bank accounts, with all our savings in our offset accounts. As they are relatively new loans, both properties are … Read More

Is property the key to a “feet-up” retirement?

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This week we have a great question from the community about property and retirement. I am a single mum of three, with my youngest son in his final year at school. I have a small mortgage on an old house close to the city but I am never sure what the best options are to head towards retirement. I realise … Read More