My top 3 money challenges and how to beat them!

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I always get asked “what’s the best way to manage my money”?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, it really does come down to what works best for you. But I can share with you what works for me and why!

Challenge # 1
Actively managing your money without going crazy!

I used to have fancy spreadsheets forecasting my cash flow (that’s my inner accountant showing herself!) and I spent hours calculating what bills were coming in, when and how much to put aside, but:

  • It was time consuming so I would often forget to do it, which would lead to….
  • Spending the “extra” cash left each fortnight instead of saving it, meaning that…
  • When the bills came in they would go on the credit card.

And the cycle continued, which meant our savings stayed at $0 and our credit card kept climbing.

Is this sounding familiar?

The fix:

To get back on top of things I arranged for my bills to be paid by direct debit to align with my pay cycle. These days you can pay just about everything by direct debit. I also decided how much I wanted to save each pay cycle and arranged for my employer to automatically pay this amount into an online saving account that I wouldn’t touch.

With minimal effort on my part, I knew exactly how much money I had left for things like petrol, parking, groceries, clothes and dining out, and I was actually saving, rather than waiting to see what I had left over at the end of the month (which was always zero!)

Challenge # 2
Card v Cash

I’ve read plenty of articles that tell you to pay for things with cash because you’ll spend less, but what sends me over budget is the $5 spend here and the $10 spend there. I have no trouble handing over the cash for small items, but the trouble I did have was remembering where on earth my money went! Yesterday I had $50 in my wallet and now it’s gone – but where?

The fix:

I started to pay for most things by EFTPOS – and I mean debit card not credit card! It’s really easy to take a look at my account and track exactly how much I am spending on the little incidentals.

Since I now know how much I have left in my account until the next pay day, for me this works just as effectively as having a maximum spend in my wallet.

Challenge # 3
The siren song of the credit card

The problem I had here was that my credit card came as part of our home loan package with a whopping $18,000 limit! And of course, the bank wouldn’t let us reduce the limit or close the credit card account because it came with our home loan.

The fix:

I made sure the credit card wasn’t linked to any of my other accounts, and then I left it at home. Otherwise, chances are my day will go something like “I’ll pop it on the credit card, just this once.”

Side note: Have you ever noticed that the card you use to access your savings is called a ‘debit’ card and the card you use to get yourself into debt is called a ‘credit’ card. How is that for a little subliminal mind-play? Avoid the trap!

Now it’s your turn!

As I said, there is no one size fits all approach, you need to find your own groove. Whatever you do though, make sure to stick to these three principles:

  1. Have a way of tracking your spending easily
  2. Pay yourself first
  3. Avoid the credit card!

As always, I would love to hear about your experiences in the Women with Cents facebook group. What systems work for you? What have you tried that didn’t work so well? I look forward to chatting with you over there…

See you next week!
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